Stay warm and snug for less than 2p an hour with Snugtable

How Snugtable Works

Snugtable is an innovative new personal heater that sits over your legs while you relax on your sofa. The efficient 55W heater produces a comfortable heat, allowing you to turn down your thermostat and enjoy heating for less.

Why Choose Snugtable?


A Snugtable is a functional and attractive sofa table, incorporating a small 55watt tube heater in it’s patented, sealed design.

The tube heater warms the partially enclosed space, providing a gentle flow of warmth, which first warms your feet, then legs, then escapes upwards through the gap in front of your waist.

Save On Heating Bills

Why keep the whole room so warm, when you can keep just you snug for less than 2p an hour. Save pounds on heating each month, by lowering your thermostat a few degrees. A Snugtable will keep you warm in a room temperature of 17C or lower (depending on personal preference). And less energy means less greenhouse gases harming the environment.


When not using your Snugtable, just push it against the wall and it looks like a smart, inconspicuous little chest of drawers. In the summertime, take away the lower drawer unit, and you still have an attractive and presentable sofa table, on which to eat, rest books, magazines or a laptop.

Free One Week Trial

Contact us below to enquire about a free, no obligation, one week trial, and we ourselves will drop off and then collect a unit at a time convenient for you, anywhere within the West Midlands area. Try before you choose whether to buy, and see if it works for you.

Introductory price: £200 incl UK delivery